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Microsoft Windows Phone Reboot rebuttal

I just read the blog: Editorial – Microsoft hits the “reboot” switch again. I’m utterly disgusted

It’s not just this blogger, but a number of people up in arms about the recently announced Windows Phone 8.  Now I am one of those folks with a relatively new Nokia 900.  I was hopeful that I would get the new Windows Phone 8 OS at some time, but I am not “disgusted”.  Microsoft at least tried to bring some of the new UI elements from the Start screen over in the Windows Phone 7.8 version…but how can we expect them to completely support a new core and feature set?

For those of you upset or even disgusted, can you tell me how this is any different than Google and their Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade that will not be on most phones…even those selling today?  Or what about every time Apple released a new major OS version…they drop support for some phones…you even may have bought just a year earlier?  I think there is an expectation for Microsoft to provide backwards compatibility for devices 5-10 years old….like they do on the PC.  I think that is a little unrealistic in the mobile phone market.

It seems like everyone, from the hardware manufacturers, the cellular providers and the OS providers that we are on a 2 year cycle for devices.   Yes, I just bought the Nokia 900 a few months ago, but Microsoft is not dropping support.  All current apps and most future apps (except native C++ apps) will still run on my OS…and they are putting in those features that are supported by the hardware.  And I can be pretty sure that AT&T, in about 12 months, will offer to let me get the latest and greatest new devices for a reasonable price (if I sign up for 2 more years).

What are your thoughts?  Is this any different than what Google does?  What was the duration from Ice Cream Sandwich announcement to actual phones?  And did everyone stop buying Android phones?

I know, Microsoft should have learned a lesson from Google here, but why give them way more grief than Google or Apple when they do the same thing?


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