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I really want to love the Nokia Lumia 900

Quick Note:  The comments below are based on my usage before the Nokia update was release and subsequently installed.

I owned the Samsung Focus, and pre-ordered a black (I know…plain Jane) Nokia Lumia 900 within the first few hours when it was available on the AT&T site.  I got it on Good Friday like all the other Lumia preorders…and I immediatly started using it.  Here are my initial negative impressions of the Nokia phone and the Microsoft eco system.

  1. Wow, what a pain to reinstall all my previously installed apps.  I downloaded and installed the “Reinstaller” app on the new phone…but I still had to install each app individually and then “back” through a number of screens to get to the next one on the list and install.  It was way harder than it should be…and very manual.  I did choose not to re-install some apps, but the overall process needs to be improve.  Now anyone that knows of a better way by using the Zune app, please let me know…because I don’t know of a backup and restore process like iTunes.
  2. I still wish the power button was on the top.  I do like the buttons on one side better than the Focus’ layout of the power opposite the volume controls.  I hit the power button a lot less….but I still hit it.
  3. Screen in sunlight might be slightly better than my Focus, but still not great.
  4. No headphones?   Oh well, I guess I will use my Focus provided ones.
  5. Battery life.  I was so hoping I could make it through a day of what I consider moderate use, but by 8pm, it seems I need to plug it in if I am going to be out and about.  To be fair, I do listen to podcasts (either audio or video) during my commute which is 20 minutes each way, so that 40 minute of playback (turned up to 30 to get it at “line level” for my Aux input) may be to taxing.  I too have run the Diagnostics app and the Battery Status shows my Current (discharging) hovers jumps around 100mA with periodic spurts up to 400 mA (maybe it is checking mail – set at every 30 minutes)….with no background tasks (shut em all down through Settings), and closed down any open apps by “repeatedly pressing the back button”.
  6. Not sure what is going on with background tasks, or maybe it is just the Weather Channel app, but at least once during the last week, I pulled my phone out of my case and it was REALLY hot, and the battery had went down about 25% in a 1/2 hour period.  The phone was off, but something was taxing the processor and draining the battery.  It only happened once, but I don’t want it happening when/if I really need my phone.
  7. I miss my 16 GB SD card I had in my Focus.  I am running low on memory (I have a few audio and video podcasts loaded).
  8. Camera is not near as nice as I was expecting.  To be honest, I shoot with a Nikon D7000, and no phone even comes close.  But, I find the pictures I take with the Lumia to be slightly yellowish.  Just try this yourself,  point your camera at something with a lot of white in it, looks good on the screen, then snap the picture, and the picture turns slightly yellow.  If I spend the time to adjuste the image, it seems to be better, but why the yellow tint?
  9. I sort of miss the USB cover my Focus had.  Not a big deal….but keeping dust out is nice.

To be fair, there are a number of thinks I like about the Lumia 900, so here is that list:

  1. Love the bigger and brighter screen.
  2. I think the speaker on the bottom of the phone in an improvement over the back of the phone where I have to “cup my hands” to create a way for the sound to “bounce back” so I can hear it during a movie or audio file.
  3. Nokia Drive is awesome.  Now it is not as nice as my Garmin, but that maps on that are out of date, and the money I would have used to update the maps I spent on buying the Nokia Lumia 900…a win/win.
  4. Feels solid compared to the Focus.  I have not dropped it yet…nor do I plan on dropping it, but as long as the screen does not crack, I think it would hold up.
  5. LTE is great.  I live fairly far outside Chicago, but downloads @ 12Mbps+ and uploads at approx. 4 Mbps is sweet.
  6. Front facing camera is a nice addition.

Feel free to post your thoughts and comments to this post.


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