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What’s wrong with the press saying the Nokia 900 has under powered hardware?

I will start of my rant by saying, “Yes, the Nokia 900 does not have the highest end quad/dual-core processors” so some will perceive this as a bad thing, so let’s compare this to another real world analogy…

Let’s say you have two car choices for your next purchase; The Autobahn Android 2012 and the Likus Lumia 2012 models.  Both cars perform quite well…they go over 100 MPH (which you will likely never hit) and accelerate quite well (although when loaded with a lot of passengers, the Autobahn can get a bit sluggish).

The Autobahn Android 2012 looks like the same Autobahn car they have built for the last 4 years, but an overall favorite of drivers.  Under the hood is a 350 HP engine (eg. powerful Dual-Core processor) with an estimated fuel economy of 18 city and 25 highway (more cores = slightly more power usage – not exact, but click here for comparison of single vs. dual core power usage).  When doing 70 MPH, if you step on the pedal, it has lots of “get up and go”.  You pay for that power through everyday gas mileage.

The new Likus Lumia 2012 looks nice, and operates like every other car out there, but doesn’t have wood paneling on the dash (eg. Draw Something or Words with Friends), but almost every other feature is available.  Under the hood is a 300 HP engine (eg. slightly less powerful, but still has acceptable pickup) with an estimated fuel economy of 22 city and 33 highway.

You love the look of the Likus , it gets great gas mileage, and has 99% of the features you want.  Which car do you buy?  Based on that information, and the fact that gas prices are over $4 per gallon in parts of the US…most folks I would guess would go with the Likus (just look at Honda Prius and hybrid sales).  So, why would you not pick a phone that performs every bit as well as the “more powerful” ones on the market, has a really great OS and UI, and by using a single-core processor, which does not affect everyday performance, but instead will increase battery life (eg. gas mileage)?

What it really should boil down to is usability, overall performance and battery life…why worry if the processor is Quad Core 2 GHz processor when better than half the time the phone is either off, or only using a fraction of the processing power.  And for most of the time the phone is on, you are doing nothing more than talking, texting or viewing facebook feeds.  We are not rendering 3D images or crunching numbers to solve cancer.

Go and try the new Nokia 900 (I don’t have mine yet…but FedEx has it in there truck right now).  If you don’t like the UI, the big 4.3″ sccreen, or find the phone sluggish…then by all means, buy a different phone that best meets your needs.  But don’t let some journalist tell you that you don’t want the new Honda Lumia 2012 car because the engine is only a 300HP engine and you can’t get wood trim on the dash….that’s just silly.  You are smarter than that.


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