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“SIM Switcheroo”

Here is another Blog on how smart my kids are…and how we need to stay on top of things more than my parents do.

One of the rules around our house is that before the kids go to bed, their phone needs to be plugged in and dropped in a basket on the kitchen cupboard.  This rule is to prevent texting, phone calls, game playing, etc. when they should be sleeping.  When checking the phone bill for the paticular month, I noticed that just a few days earlier…my daughter had been texting around midnight.   Hmmm….that’s funny….I am sure she had her phone in the kitchen that night.  Well, she is in bed now, so let me see if her phone is downstairs……[me dragging my butt downstairs to check]…

Phone there…check.  Let me check something else….that’s funny…no bars.  Wait….let me pull the back off…WHAT!?!?!… SIM card in.  [sound of me stomping up the stairs].  [Light on in bedroom]….daughter half asleep, or so she is pretending to sleep.  “Denise, where is your SIM card?”  She reluctantly hands over the “phone she hated just a year ago”, and inside is her SIM card.  DAMN, she is smart….pulled her SIM card out of her phone before she deposited in the basket for the night.  Score one for the kids…but the game is far from over… I check for a signal pretty much every night.  There is 10 seconds every day I will never get back.

Thanks to Dan W. for the title for this blog….after he bugged me that he did not know the story.


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3 thoughts on ““SIM Switcheroo”

  1. Hahaha! Sounds like she has picked up her mad science (tech) skills from her dad! Thanks for the heads up on this one. Little smart buggers.

    • Don’t get me wrong…I appreciate the creativity…I would just prefer it be directed to more productive actions…like cleaning her room or focusing on her homework instead of Pinterest, Facebook, Skype, YouTube……….

  2. codymws on said:

    If I were her, I would’ve used an app like Airdroid to text from an iPod/old phone over WiFi with her number…

    If I were you, I’d switch to a CDMA carrier without SIM cards!

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