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Outsmarting my smart kids – Wireless Access

I have told this story a few times to friends and coworkers on how my kids are pretty smart…but I am smarter (or so I think).  I figured I would recant this story here with the hope that you find it entertaining and educational.

So late one night, I believe it was about 2:30 am, as I was walking from the den (most likely wrapping up a session of World of Warcraft) to the bedroom, I noticed a light briefly flash from my 14 year old daughter’s bedroom.  After entering her room and noticing that she still had headphones on her head, I “woke her up”…or so she played that I was waking her up, and took her Zune player from her.  Her Zune was still on, and she was using the Web Browser to go on Facebook.  She was on Facebook at 2:30 am on her Zune!  Fairly creative…but still not something she should be doing.

So, what is a technology smart parent to do?  I am not sure, but this is what I did.  The next day, I dusted off my old Linksys WRT54GS rounter, reflashed it with the Tomato Firmware ( ).  I then proceeded to brush up on the Access Restriction settings, and reconfigured this wireless router to turn off the wireless access from 10pm until 7am.  I then reset the password on my current router to a WPA passcode only I knew, and gave the kids the password to the “new” wireless access point.  Now, no matter what wireless devices they use at home; laptop, iPod Touch, PSP,  Zune, etc….there is no Internet “hanky panky” in the middle of the night anymore….well, unless they get up and plug in…but I will cross that bridge when I get there.

Score 1 for the parents.  Parents 1 : Kids 0

Please feel free to share you “smart kids” story below.  I will share the SIM Switcharoo story next week.


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