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Volume silent/quiet times

We have smart or programmable thermostats in our houses that “know” (and I use that term loosely) our schedules and can turn the temperature up or down based on our daily schedules…so why can our smartphones do the same?  There is the word “smart” in the name itself!

The idea I am getting to here is the ability to set a “quiet” or “silent” time for our smartphones.  In my example, I would like a way to turn my phone volume down to 5 (WP7 goes from 0-30….so you get the picture…it is fairly quiet) when I am sleeping from between midnight and maybe 5 or 6 am.  I don’t want it completely off, but when alerts come in frequently, I don’t always want to be woken up if I left my volume at say 30.

I know my company’s voice mail and phone forwarding services allow me to set times in which the forwarding is effective.  Outlook lets me set my office hours so that people know when I am typically in the office.  So it only seems logical that I would have some control over at least the volume on my smartphone when I am sleeping.  Maybe this could be extended to other services on the phone.

If you have an idea on a service or function of your current smartphone that you think should be controlled if your smartphone knew when you were sleeping…please leave a comment.


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