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Just a simple rotation lock….

I admit it, I am a little addicted to keeping up to technology, gaming and other news via RSS feeds.  I get hundreds of new “articles” per day I try and keep up on, so I am constantly looking at them when I have even 5 free minutes.  The one place I do reading on a daily basis is in bed, for 5, 10…okay 30 minutes, before I turn off the lights.  I would love to use my Windows Phone 7 to do this…but I constantly reach for the iPad for one reason…and one reason only…the rotation lock.

Yes, I do read while on my back…sometimes, but I also like to turn on my side and continue reading.  I need to keep the screen orientation so that the top stays at the top of the device…because for some reason, reading sideways is not all that enjoyable.  So my feature request for this week is a screen rotation lock option on the Windows Phone 7.  I don’t need a rotation lock switch, although that would be really nice, I just want a way to lock the screen in portrait mode.

Not sure the best way to implement a screen rotation lock is, but just an option in the Settings seems “to far away” from my daily tasks.  Two suggestions would be:

  1. Maybe on the task switcher page.  I hold the Back Button to pull up my running tasks…then press a button on the screen with all the running tasks to lock the screen rotation in the current orientation.
  2. Maybe implement a “hold” option on another button like the back arrow bringing up the Task Switcher.  For example, I hold the “Windows Logo” button for 2 seconds to lock the screen.

Is this something anyone else is looking for…or am I just weird?  (Don’t answer that second part 🙂 )


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