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Volume presets

One feature on just about every cell phone I have used is the mute or silent setting.  Going into a movie or church…you just press a button or two, and your phone is quickly on silent or vibrate.  But that is just not enough.  I currently use my Samsung Focus to listen to Podcasts during my commute to/from work everyday.  When I connect my phone to my car, I need to crank up the volume for my Auxiliary input.  Then when I get out of my car, I need to hold the volume button down until I set it at my normal volume level of 10.

My Windows Phone 7 allows me to easily set my phone to “vibrate” or “ring+vibrate”, so why not allow me to configure a few other personal profiles and with the same click let me cycle through “normal”, “aux for car”, “vibrate”, “outside” and “ring+vibrate”?  I would really like to see the Windows Phone 7 provide user defined volume profiles that I can name, set the volume level and turn on vibrate.  Then allow me to quickly cycle through (or maybe a dropdown list) those presets whenever I need to quickly switch my audio needs.

So, what do you think?  Something you would use?


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