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Location services snooze

I like to think that I am a typical smartphone user…but maybe just a bit more of a heavy user. I really like a number of the services provided…but I like long battery life a little more most of the time. One service, location services, definitely falls into that category.

My typical use cases for using location services are:
– I am at a kids travel game, want to check the weather forecast or map, and I need location services to pull it up
– Out and about, likely out of town, I need to find the local Jimmy John’s
– Checking in to Foursquare.

Now, none if the use cases above require location services on all the time. In fact, if I could just turn it on for only 5 minutes, and have it automatically turn off would be ideal. Kind of a “reverse snooze”. Or maybe more like the heat lamp or jacuzzi timer switch at a hotel.

I would like to see WP7 with such a feature. Why do all the location based apps prompt me to go find the location services in the settings and turn it on myself? Why not just ask me, “Would you like to turn Location Services on for 5 minutes” ( or maybe 10 minutes or configurable by the end user).

What do you think? Is this.some thing you would find useful?


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